Sunday, 22 February 2015

Music in the Morning No. 451 – Praise the Lord


For the first time ‘Praise the Lord’ has competition here.  For a time (unknown but could be a year) I’ll be reprising my ‘Sunday Morning Coffee’ series. 

Two musical posts each Sunday but, for me, there is no competition.  You are free to visit none, one or both but this is what truly matters.  I love the music in SMC but here I give myself the opportunity to come closer to, and worship, my Father in heaven.  There is nothing more important.

You’re welcome to join me here each Sunday morning.


And Can It Be That I Should Gain


Father, You came for me; You wait for me; You are with me.

To You I am worthy but I see not this but massive unworth

And still You are with me.

Amazing love!


Father, You have given me everything

and, on my knees, I give you my meagre thanks.

I love You.


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