Thursday, 19 February 2015

Sunday Morning Coffee Reprised


Next Sunday, after an absence of four years, my weekly music show returns, not new shows - the preparation time is far too large - but a re-run of the originals. 

Every Sunday morning for more than a year I presented music I love, based on YouTube music videos.  There was always a theme: artist, genre, composer …. whatever. 

It’s been so long that I’ve lost touch with most of the music and so I’ve decided to repeat the series - but not in chronological order.  I long to hear my choices again. 


This blog will have different readers too. 

Perhaps you will enjoy the music.


I learned so much! 

My musical tastes expanded enormously, entering areas which I had deemed no-go areas. 

I was open to music!

I was alive!


Join me next Sunday morning, 22 February, from midnight UK time.


Don’t forget your coffee!


  1. Looking forward to it now I have sound on my computer after a couple of years (or so) without...


  2. Glad to have you pop over again .... and again.

    May the music work its magic again .... again.