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Willie McRae Part 21: My Next Steps

In Parts 1 to 20 I wrote extensively about the background to the mystery and about the evidence released by the police and the Crown Office.

In this phase I will look critically at information from other (non-state) sources.  These sources are many and varied and their information ranges massively in credibility. 

Let me be clear here that I have seen no information which shows murder as the likely cause of Willie’s death but there is information which raises questions of sufficient importance to merit an FAI. 

Some may find it difficult to understand how I can be neutral about the cause of death but certain about the need for an FAI.  Inquiries are held where knowledge is required, where there is doubt, where there are unanswered questions.  The mystery over Willie’s death fits perfectly into this description.

Let me also be clear that I do not want an FAI so that Willie’s death can be shown to be murder.  I want an inquiry so that justice can be seen to have been done even if Willie’s death was suicide.

In the posts to come I will present information which I believe asks important questions.  As always I will be as even-handed as I can.


I have six posts ready to go which will appear over the next five days.

In Part 22, I explain how, despite the pleading of Willie’s brother (Fergus), I am continuing my study and my call for a Fatal Accident Inquiry.

Thereafter are four posts in which I look at the possible involvement of the Special Branch.


Part 23: I look at the principles by which I judge if possible Special Branch involvement merits an inquiry.


Part 24: I show how the Crown Office has responded to previous calls for an FAI.


Part 25: I lay out the detailed evidence of Donald Morrison, a retired Glasgow policeman, who knew Macrae and who claims that Special Branch were actively involved with Willie on the day he left Glasgow and in the weeks leading up to his death.  I think you will be amazed, shocked and possibly angry!


Part 26: I lay out Donald’s evidence again with no comment from me other than explaining how I came to produce this document.  You may find this an easier way of grasping the extent of his evidence.


Part 27:  I critically assess the impact of Donald’s evidence on the previous position of the Crown Office.


After this, I’m not sure on which area I will alight although the position of the revolver relative to Willie’s car must have a good chance of appearing.


See you tomorrow!



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