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Willie McRae Part 23: Crown Office Stance Hardens


Let them turn their face from the common people and for ever be shamed


This is an unplanned post written at short notice.

I have just come across an article in today’s Sunday Herald which highlights the new campaign for a Fatal Accident Inquiry into Willie’s death.

The article gives background to Macrae’s last hours, the new campaign, Fergus (Willie’s younger brother) Macrae’s belief that there is nothing to learn about Willies death – it was suicide.  Note: I posted earlier today about why I can’t agree with Fergus.

The key passage, however, is the very last sentence,

Part 23 Herald E1

Read it again! 

The Crown Office is quoted as saying,

Crown Counsel are satisfied with the extensive investigations into the death of William Macrae


Crown Counsel ….. have instructed that an FAI will not be held into the circumstances of Mr McRae’s death

Effectively, the Crown Office is saying that there can be no new evidence  ….  ever ….. which could have them question the investigation and open an inquiry.


That’s really interesting because on Wednesday I will publish detailed evidence from Donald Morrison, a retired Glasgow policeman, who not only

  knew Macrae

knew of Special Branch surveillance of Macrae

knew of Special Branch removing documents from Macrae’s office

but saw Macrae being observed and followed at speed on his last ever Friday as he prepared to leave Glasgow for his holiday home near Dornie.


I will present detailed evidence for all of this.


But yet the Crown Office is not for turning.


The Crown Office may deny justice in the Scottish courts.


But they cannot deny justice in the court of public opinion.


Let them turn their face from the common people and for ever be shamed



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