Sunday, 23 August 2015

Willie Macrae: Calum Retires

 I've decided that I'm retiring from active service.

 It's time for a different approach with newer participants.

 I've been thinking about this for some time but I decided yesterday.


I realised that I was writing for headlines.  I pride myself on my neutrality.  I couldn’t continue like this.  It's better I opt out now rather than battling this drift. Had I continued I would simply have been putting off the necessary decision.

 I have enjoyed my investigations, enjoyed the time - massive time - I've spent immersed in this, but I've done my bit.

 So, I walk away
 .... sad that there is so much to be done;
 .... delighted I've made a contribution;
 .... and delighted again that there is a team moving forward towards justice.


  1. And your conclusion is? (Even if it is that you have reached no conclusion it would be interesting to hear your brief concluding remarks, should you wish to share them).

  2. Sorry, Andrew. If I gave my conclusions I would have broken my retirement within days. I won't do that.

    1. Ah well, there were some interesting things to read. My conclusion is that there is probably more to this affair than some people make out but probably less to this affair than some people make out.

  3. Retiting from blogging or just from the Macrae enigma?

    1. I really don't think I meant Re"tit"ing, although it sounds more fun than retiring.