Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Blog Update

Ten days ago or so I posted about the difficulties I had maintaining this blog and the changes I was going to implement.  I said

“What will remain the same?

Whenever I can I’ll post “Music in the Morning” and “Sunday Morning Coffee”.  At least this will keep a few passing through the doors to see how I am (the blog is).

The same goes for Trafigura.

Occasionally something else - for example poetry - might attract me.

If this is the same what will be different?

I will not post anything personal.

If I have nothing to post I will not go looking.

I will read blogs on Google Reader but visit only rarely and comment less often.

I will not obsess about my paltry stats.”

Thereafter I hit a productive spell of blogging but now I have settled into what I expect will be the on-going pattern: predominantly music posts interspersed with the occasional post on other subjects.

I have noticed that blogging, in general, is in a dip – at least those blogs I read.  There are far fewer posts.  It’s as though blogging has had its day as a mass medium and we are in a phase where numbers drop and only those hardy souls and those who have massive readership keep going. 

I am in neither of those groups  …..  but I hope to keep going.  After about twenty years where music listening wasn’t even a peripheral interest I now find that music is hugely important to me.  I love music, I love finding music I love, I love truly listening to music, I love what music does for me and I love sharing my music. 

As is normal for me I had hoped that my regular music posts - “Music in the Morning” and “Sunday Morning Coffee” – would attract more listeners but there are a small number who listen in most days and every Sunday and a steady stream  find the posts through Google.  I appreciate all who visit.

The point of this post?

I rather wandered, didn’t I?  I meant to say that the last few days blogging is probably how my blog will be for a while and to ask that readers not forget about me.


  1. If it works for you that is the right way to go :-)

  2. Calum,
    I think I mentioned it twice, and, thus, may three times be a charm:
    Forget about your stats!

    Do you wish to have bloggers who (claim to) follow 250 blogs and leave (one word) comments on a daily basis?

    What would you do, if thousands of visitors would comment, each of them in very individual a way, focusing on a very aspect and by doing so adding this and that aspect that has not been mentioned by 1.113 previous commenters?


    Effin' rude a comment, you think?


    Nevertheless, I am pretty sure you know how it's meant.

    What about enjoying your visitors joy when visiting your site, instead of complaining about those who don't even know (yet) this site does exist?

    Of course, I do know that there does not exist a need to write such a comment.
    Of course, it would not have taken a second to say: 'Who cares, Sean? Just shut up.'

    Indeed, that would have been lovely easy. And who would not prefer choosing the easiest way, hm?

    Oh dear! Why would I sacrifice (even waste?) so much of my precious time to write such a long comment?

    The peace of the night.

  3. Sean, Thanks. I know the logic but, unfortunately, logic doesn't stop the drive to check. I suspect that drive comes from a need to be OK and OKness arises from visitors.

    Having few visitors, or fewer than I hoped for, or fewer than I was getting stabs me. I know it's silly: that's why I said that I was going to ignore my stats but they are a measure of something which is important to me. Shouldn't be but are.

    Speaks volumes for my self-esteem that stats are so important.

    Guess I have a lot to work on.

    Sean, thanks for taking the time to write.

  4. Ah, Calum, once again I feel happy you did not get angry.
    It's easy to get angry these days, hm? :)
    I think I am able to get your point, but still and again:
    A few kind people - friends even one a longer row? - are more precious (and easier to deal with, even if sometimes they diagree) than a million of fans/Yes-Sayers.

    How to cut it short? - Quality over quantity. :)

    Ah, so much I'd like to be clear, understandable.

    And re your latest sentence: See, Calum, would this maltreator of the English language have taken the time to try building 'difficult' sentences, did he find your blog boring? :)

    - Gosh, Sean, look at your fucking syntax!

    - Blimey! Yes. Time to fall into the feathers and put my head on the pillow.


    The peace of the night, Calum!

  5. Yes. Saw the typos. And such good to know you won't mind them. :)

  6. I'm back on the Internet and I truly enjoy your music posts. I'm grateful you're not stopping them. Wishing you restful days. Much friendship from Canada.